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  1. Vista Print Web Site maker is terrible. After three weeks and unknown hours of building our website, it just disappeared. It’s gone and Vista Print can give no explanation and offers no solutions. All they do is bounce you around from one individual to another. they have offered 3 additional months of free service but that does no good without a web site. I sit here continuing to lose sales. After a week of talking to numerous individuals (some of whom are supposed to be supervisors) I recently found that there are no notes in their computers about my problem. Please be advised that you should stay away from these people.

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    I spent days working on my website and talking to customer support. When I went to publish the website, it would not publish. Teck support then informed me that Vistaprint did not support the latest version of Firefox, so all that work was lost. I was told to use Internet Explorer. I typed in a few text on my website and, with tech support still on the phone, checked to make sure Internet Explorer would publish the website, and it did. So I spent days building the site and when I published it, the text and photos on my newly published website were all jumbled. I called tech support and was told that Vistaprint did not support the latest version of Internet Explorer and that I needed to use Google Chrome, so, again, all that time and work was lost. There are basic things that you NEED a website to do, and you need to know that Vistaprint won’t do a lot of them. I have plenty of examples that I can give, but in the interest of time, I’ll give just one. I was advised by Vistaprint to create a thumbnail page. I asked, and it was confirmed by tech support, that I could link each thumbnail to a subpage that would describe the photo. After spending over 7 hours creating the thumbnail page, none of the photos would link to a subpage, I called tech support and was told that “unfortunately sir, Vistaprint does not support that activity.” So, again, all that time and work was lost. What the heck good does it do to create a thumbnail if you can’t click on it and be directed to another page?” I don’t want to sound too condescending but creating a website that has a thumbnail page that takes the customer absolutely nowhere has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. There are other basic features that you are going to want on your website that vistaprint won’t do. In my opinion, there are major, and I mean MAJOR, programing flaws in the design of Vistaprint’s website features. So, to sum it up, the weeks I have spent building my website have been mostly wasted (the only upside is that I am learning how to build a website). I told the supervisor that the only reason I haven’t left Vistaprint is because I have so much time and money invested in it. But now, after having time to think about it, I am going to call tomorrow and cancel my website, ask to have my money refunded, and go somewhere else. I only hope that Vistaprint does not, now, own my domain name.

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